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Our Program:

Mid-Coast School of Technology (Vocational Region 8) is located in Rockland, Maine, and provides secondary career and technical education programs for residents of Knox and Lincoln County and three island communities. Our Adult Education program offers Commercial Driver License courses for Class A and Class B. These CDL courses are open to Maine residents and are approved by both the State of Maine and the Maine Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs.

CDL Program Objectives:

  1. To develop an understanding of Truck Driving as a career and the impact of Professional Trucking on society.

  1. To develop the skills necessary for safe operation of commercial motor vehicles and related equipment within the trucking industry.

  1. To develop the proper work ethics and attitudes needed to be a successful professional in the Truck Driving Industry.

CDL Course Objectives:

  1. Demonstrates acquired driving skills by passing the State of Maine CDL drivers examination and obtaining a Commercial Driver License.

  1. Understands the responsibilities of the professional driver to both the public and his/her employers.

  1. Possesses the necessary knowledge and confidence to take charge of his/her career to the satisfaction of employers and self.


We strive to provide Quality Educational Experience by providing:

  • Hands-on-training

  • Use of clean, conventional trucks and equipment to assure you that what you train in will prepare you for the industry as much as any school can.

  • A comfortable learning environment

  • Low instructor/student ratios

  • Flexible training schedules

  • Professional Licensed Instructors with years of personal experience in the industry




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